Zu viele Gedanken führen zu schlechten Entscheidungen

Nicht so viel Denken! Laut einer Studie, die im Journal of Consumer Research veröffentlicht wurde, führt Grübeln zu schlechteren Entscheidungen als bei Menschen, die ihrem Instinkt folgen:

In five separate studies, the researchers found that better judgments can often be made without deliberation. In the first study, participants rated Chinese ideograms for attractiveness. In a following study, participants were asked to judge paintings that were widely considered high- or low-quality.

Subsequent groups of participants rated jellybeans and apartments. In all the studies, some participants were encouraged to deliberate and others to go with their gut. The more complex the decision, the less useful deliberation became. For example, when participants rated apartments on just three primary characteristics (location, price, and size) deliberation proved useful. But when the decision became more complex (with nine characteristics) the participants who deliberated made worse decisions.